Robot Battle

Robot Battle 1.4

A fun game in which your main task is to create team of robots for competitions
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Lunkwill Labs

Your goal is to create robots or teams of robots to compete in tournaments against friends and other players from around the world. Robots fight in a rectangular arena, attempting to eliminate each other by firing missiles, scanning with radar, dodging, ramming, avoiding mines, and collecting energy bonuses. The last robot standing is the winner. Once a battle is started, your creations are on their own; you can not assist them. To win, you must have programmed them better than the competition.

Robot Battle challenges you to design and code intelligent robots using a simple programming language. This makes Robot Battle both a challenging game and a fun way to learn programming. If your robot is smarter and more adaptable than another player's robot, your robot will win even if your code is less efficient.

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